The following training program consists of squats, essential for the lower part of the body, plus other exercises represents very effective workout for getting your legs and butt in perfect shape.

What is more important it doesn’t take a lot of time, only 15 minutes a day will be enough to exercise at home, without any trips to the gym.


Make sure to perform these exercises regularly, every day and in a right way. Results will be visible sooner than you expect.

Here is the description of exercises:

– Basic squats will be great to begin the work out.
– For buttocks perform squats with kickback.
– Another top exercise for buttocks and waistline is sumo squat.
– To add some cardio touch in the work out you should do sumo squats with outstretched arms.
– The best squat for your arms is jump squat.
– Put your feet together as for the narrow squats and get ready for the pistol squats.
– Another exercise for strengthening the thighs and buttocks is split squat.
– For the muscles on lower part of the body do side squats.
– Curtsy squats are great for the whole muscle system in the same time.
– And in the end as a cardio element and muscle relaxation perform pop squats.

Follow this 1 week schedule for work out:

1st Day: start with Basic squats- 10 repetitions,
then perform squats with kickbacks 5 times on each leg

2nd Day: begin with sumo squats with outstretched arms – 10 times;
then perform regular sumo squats also 10 times.

3rd Day: begin your work out with jump squats- 10 times,
then continue with sumo squats – 10 repetitions.

4th Day: start with pistol squats – 5 times on each leg,
then narrow squats – 10 times.

5th Day: curtsy squats- 5 times on each leg,
then split squats- 5 times on each leg.

6th Day: pop squats- 10 times,
then, side squats – 5 times stepping on each leg.

7th Day: sumo squats- 10 times,
then, jump squats – 10 times.