Soft drinks like soda make a quarter of all drinks sold in a day in America. Believe it or not these types of beverages are the most popular among people in USA. 

There was a survey in 2000 which showed that an average American, no matter the age consumes 350 ml of soda a day, what makes 15 billion gallons a year for a whole nation.


In case you have missed all the information and warnings about their negative impacts to your health, you can read in the following text and hope reconsider the next time you reach for soda in the supermarket.

Osteoporosis is directly connected with soda drinks

The main ingredients of cola soda drinks are phosphoric acid and caffeine both responsible for prevention of calcium absorption in the bones.

This is confirmed by few studies that refer to the density of bone mineral, conducted on more than 2500 men and women in 2006. It was discovered that women are in greater danger than men if they regularly consume soda drinks.

Their bone mineral density had been significantly reduces in the hips area as the result of excessive amounts of phosphoric acid which results in calcium leakage out of the bones.

This kind of beverages must be left out if you suffer from osteoporosis, Crohn’s disease or if you are over 50 years of age.

Similar to phosphoric acids, the excessive consumption of caffeine will end up with bone loss due to its inability to band with the calcium which will be lost through the urine.

Four cups a day or 300 ml. of coffee is considered to be the limit for the excessive amounts of caffeine.

Soda drinks cause obesity

On the top of the list of gaining weight causes are soda beverages. They are packed with sugar and responsible for obesity by adding you extra weight every month.

What is more, diet soda is even worse because it consists of artificial ingredients for sweetening the drinks which revoke another health issues based on physiological and hormonal changes.

Soda drinks damage the liver

The results of regular consumption of soda are the same as the damages made on your liver from excessive alcohol intake. You have great chance to get cirrhosis.

Soda drinks destroy tooth enamel

Due to the acidic chemical compounds of these soft drinks your teeth will be damaged and you will experience tooth decay. Trust me the mirror will be your enemy if you continue consuming cola soda drinks.

Soda affects the kidneys function

People who consume one can of their favorite soda a day dramatically raise the risk of kidney stones up to 15 percents and damages the function of all urinary tract, all due to the phosphoric acid as a main compound of the cola soda.