Antibiotic overuse, the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, imbalanced diet, use of anti- bacterial products are main cause for the disturbance of your gut. This situation leads to skin problems, gaining weight, mood disorders and autoimmune conditions, all because of the imbalance of gut micro biome.

How to recognize the gut imbalance? Check these signs and if you find yourself here, it is the right time to do something for your health.

– Allergy
– Sugar cravings
– Gaining weight
– Depressive mood
– Pain in joints
– Bloating, constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea and bad breath
– Infection of the yeast
– Mental fogginess
– Some learning difficulties
– Psoriasis, eczema, acne or hives.

Why these symptoms occur?

They can be manifested like inflammations in the body as the result of the excessive number of unfriendly bacteria that can cause serious disorder in the body, like aches, autoimmune diseases, joint pain and skin issues.

The secret in losing weight is healthy and balanced micro biome. So, by rebalancing the micro biome in your gut you can speed up your metabolism and lose some weight.

Your emotional health is in great danger due to the imbalanced micro biome. Its effects on your mood can be great in negative way. From fatigue, and stress to depression and anxiety.

So, can you reverse its balance and how can you correct the micro biome of the gut? Enrich your diet with probiotics, prebiotics, some herbs and with completely avoiding sugar and white flour products.

– Probiotics are healthy bacteria that contribute the balanced micro biome. You can find them in yoghurt, kombucha, kimchi, kefir and pickled vegetables or you can take them as supplements in the state of powder or capsules.

– Prebiotics are essential for developing healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal system. You can find prebiotics in foods that contain inulin, fiber and arabinogalactans like garlic, leek, okra, carrot, onion, beans and artichokes.

– Simetimes the use of antimicrobial supplements or herbs is needed to help the prebiotics and probiotics in the fight against bacteria in the gut. They will help you win the parasites and bacteria.

There are many antimicrobial herbs that you can include in your diet: oregano, garlic, extract from olive leaf, and extract from grapefruit seed, barberine or uva ursi.

– Avoid all products made with refined sugar and white flour because that is the main food of all pathogenic organisms.

Try this easy and simple recommendation for cleaning your gut and you will be amazed by the fast and successful results.