Do you have diagnosed that annoying sound in your ears called tinnitus? It is actually a serious ailment that can destroy your hearing. It is manifested as a distracting ringing sound which can also be heard as buzzing. It can be result of ear infections or injury made of loud sounds exposure. 

Do not look for a conventional medication because there isn’t one. You can look for an answer in the holistic medicine or remedies to completely remove that awful noise in your ears which affects your everyday life.


Here is what you should use to cure tinnitus:

From the supplements it is the best to take: Ginkgo biloba and Q10. Ginkgo improves the blood circulation into the brain through the capillaries and blood vessels. It will speed up the flow in the ear area and with a time you will feel improvement.

The process of healing with Ginkgo is actually slow so we recommend taking it with some other supplements. The CoEnzyme Q10 is scientifically proved as an efficient product in fight with the noises in your ears.

It reduces symptoms of tinnitus and additionally prevents stroke and heart attack. Please consult your doctor for the dosage if you chose to use this product.

Sometimes some distraction noises from a fan or any other device can help you during sleeping to relieve the tinnitus symptoms.

– If you suffer from tinnitus you should avoid salt, caffeine and loud sounds. Salt causes hypertension and tinnitus too because it raises the blood pressure. Get its intake to minimum and soon you will feel improvement.

Caffeine does the opposite from the salt when blood flow is in comparison. This worsens the symptoms of tinnitus. Loud noise can be very harmful if you already have tinnitus so avoid it under all conditions.

– You can try and ease your situation with couple of mechanical solutions like: Finger drumming and wax buildup removal.

Finger drumming technique is effective way of removing the ringing in your ears. Cross your index fingers over the middle fingers and place them on the back of your scull in the same time covering the ears with the palms.

Start snapping the fingers making drumming sound and do this for a minute. You can repeat this technique as much as you can during the day or as soon as you feel improvement.

Wax build up can cause loss of hearing and worsen the tinnitus, so visit your doctor to remove the excess wax and relieve the symptoms of this health condition.