Almost everyone has headaches, sometimes strong, sometimes weak, on the left side, on the right or just behind one eye and what do we do? Just take some analgesics. Add some lemon drops in the coffee to solve it. But sometimes headaches can be constant and not treated properly.

Usually it is very hard to tell why the headache does appear and what does it indicate so as a response it is mistreated. But Dr. Sakib Qureshi (neurologist) succeeded in distinguishing the common headaches from the serious ones. He says that before you reach for the medicine; try to figure it out if it is indicating another problem with your health.

There are four mostly common types of headaches and all of them indicate that something is wrong about your body.

If you learn their signals, you will effectively learn to treat them properly. Sometimes there are alternative ways of treating the headaches. Here are our suggestions:

Sinus headaches usually appear as a result of sinus inflammation. Then you feel pain in the forehead and eyes, sometimes pressure in the chest that leads to a fever.

As a treatment we recommend light food rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, lemons, green tea or a warm soup. Ginger is a powerful anti- inflammatory ingredient that you can add in the tea or soup and it will help your body to fight with the sinus headache.

Tension headache is considered to be a result of a high level of stress. We usually feel it in the back of the head and neck as a constant pain. Most of the patients end up with vomiting or nausea.

Prepare yourself a ginger tea and rub the neck area with some mint cream in order to release the pressure in the muscles. Try to relax lying on the back without a pillow on bellow.

Cluster headache is usually rare but very painful. It starts suddenly on just one side of the head. It can last for a minute or maybe with hours. It can occur once in a year or three times a week. It is still unknown why does it appear but it starts when a nerve pathway is activated in the brain.

The usual treatment is inhaling pure oxygen in the prescribed dose but cream on a capsaicin base is also helpful. Rub it on the nostril so it will block the nerve pain signals.

Migraine is a very common type of a headache among the population from 24 to 56 years of age. Millions of people around the world suffer from this type of a headache. You can recognize it by sharp pain on one or both sides of the head followed by vomiting, high sensitivity to sounds, light or smell.

Patient with migraine usually say that their vision is disturbed and they feel dizzy. It appears when your body has a lack of riboflavin, magnesium and omega- 3.

Help yourself by taking high doses of vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium. Try to exercise aerobics as it is shown as an effective way to prevent migraine.