Vegan is a name for people who are following only plant eating regimen. Researchers discovered that their blood after only one year on a plant diet is up to 8 times cancer proof than the blood running through the veins at people who are on a standard diet.

Vegans’ blood is more capable of dealing with cancer cells that the regular one. It actually suppressed the cancer cells and in the period of 12 months they can be suffocated by the vegan’s blood.

Series of researches were conducted over many people from the both dietary groups. Their blood was taken and examined separately by adding cancer cells.


This examination was conducted over prostate cancer as the most common one in the United States in the past few years. The results were surprising. Vegans’ blood could actually stop the growth of cancer cells.

This doesn’t mean that the blood taken from the participants who practiced standard diet didn’t fight the cancer. Yes, it did, but the blood taken from the participants practicing plants based eating regimen was 8 times more powerful in this battle.

This type of dieting supported by exercising is not just with cancer killing purpose but represent the change of a whole life style intending to keep you healthy in every field of existence.

It needs denials, self control and discipline but once you get use to it you would wonder how you could live the old way before.

There were many studies published on this topic and they all agree that between vegetarians and meat eaters, in the first group there are way less cancers recorded. But by the latest reports vegans are at the bottom of the list about cancer rates.

For instance, women on vegan diet have more than 30 % less breast, ovarian or cervical cancers than women on meat eating regimen.

This was shown in an experiment where blood samples from different types of eating regimen’s patients were put on a petri dish for further examination and they were infected with cancer. In just two weeks the blood from vegans was able to start the fight with the cancerous cells. It stopped its growth!

Changing your lifestyle and becoming a vegan needs a lot of effort and research before doing it. The main philosophy is to quit animal products. This way you will avoid obesity, hypertension and diabetes besides lowering the risk of cancer.

Please consult someone who has experience in being vegan and can be helpful and supportive in this field before changing your lifestyle.