Many people underestimate walking as a way of exercising, but it is very important physical activity especially among adults. As we age we can feel the benefits from walking, this was shown in the 12 years study which was conducted over people from the age of 65 and up. The participants had to walk 15 minutes every day and by this they managed to lower the mortality rate by 20 percents. With extended walk the results had been even better.

It was also noticed that with this regular walking routine, the overall health of the activists was improved and all this just by approximately 2 hours moderate walking in a week.

Walking is an aerobic way of exercising and it helps the heart to pump more oxygen into the muscles. This is the main reason why not to ignore it as a part of an aerobic training. This basic human movement was examined in order to prove its benefits.

Let’s start from the energy we get from the nutrients, which will be distributed and used and not just stored in your body. This way you will strengthen the bones and muscles too.

It will improve your circulation and will do well for the respiratory and cardiovascular system either. So, in order to avoid any chronic disease or sedentary life consequences you need to walk on regular basis.

Walking in nature or simply outdoors is much better than walking on a walking machine in a gym, because it doesn’t just improve your physical but your mental health too. What is more important, you can get vitamin D from the sun if walking outside. This will have great impact on your mood and help you lower the stress level.

– Walking is also essential for children keen on obesity which was shown in a recent study that the capacity of their lungs can be increased with 45 minutes walking a day, at least 5 days in a week for a period of 2 months. However, walking in a gym or in a nature is very beneficial for our mental and physical health.

– The Arthritis foundation supports the results from walking and recommends it because of many reasons. It lowers the injury risks due to the improved mobility. By walking you will strengthen the connective tissues and bones; in contrary you will feel fast deterioration.

– The Sleep foundation also stands for walking as a way to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep especially among people who suffer from chronic insomnia. A moderate walking before going to bed is a great aerobic exercise for impressive results.

– Walking is recommended by the American heart association as a great prevention of strokes, hypertension, diabetes and high level of cholesterol. A moderate tempo of walking for half an hour a day will protect your heart and reduce the risk of cardiovascular ailments.

So, what do you think? Is it worth trying?

It doesn’t need much effort like going to gym or climbing stairs, it just take 15 minutes with the speed of 2 miles per hour to walk through your neighborhood and feel all the positive benefits of the walking.