With these five minutes forgotten physical activity especially nowadays you can gain more confidence, boost your immunity, improve your mood and release from tension, stress, anger or depression. Take a walk. A walk in nature.

This will enhance the results and benefits from the activity and improve your health as it was said in a study conducted by the University of Essex in its research program, called ‘The green exercise’.


Today almost everybody move with cars, trains, buses, stay in almost all day and maybe sometimes go to work out again indoors in gym. It seems that we have forgotten to walk in nature.

Do you remember how the park or wood closest to your city looks like in autumn, isn’t it magical? What about calming green all around you in spring with that aromatic smell?

Does it sound intriguing enough to go out and spend your weekend in nature? Still not? Read on to find out the scientific proves of walking in nature.

In study Green exercise, a research was made over various natural activities, needs, therapies and clients and all have shown better results where the nature was involved.

In that report you can find out that no matter the duration, mood or activity, the level of tension, anger or confusion is way down lower in nature than anywhere else. Additionally, the physical health of the participants was also improved like the social skills and connections.

When we talk about walking in nature it doesn’t mean just walking in park, if you don’t have one close to your place of living this list can help you find a piece of nature near you.

Go for a walk: by a lake, on the beach, by a river, through the fields and forest, around your garden, up the hill, across the moors and on the plains.

Every season and every weather condition has its own beauty. 5 minutes in the sun is as good as 5 minutes in the rain, in the wind or in the snow. You don’t need any special equipment or extra cost.

Your legs and will are enough for this simple and no doubt the best exercise for improving the general health. This weekend is the perfect one for this already forgotten but precious activity.

You will be amazed of its benefits and would do it every day for at lies 5 minutes. Enjoy.