Many people use celery in soups, salads, cooked in a meal and say that they don’t feel its contribution to the health. But for the best results and to keep the nutrients you should steam the celery and preserve 99 percent of the nutrients and original flavor.  If the color of the celery is darker than it has more intense flavor.

Also you don’t have to buy fresh celery every day, just chop it in small pieces and store it in the freezer. Celery as we said is packed with nutrients and has great health benefits.

Here are some reasons why it is necessary to include it in your daily menu:

– Celery fights against the bad cholesterol with its ingredient called butylphthalide, responsible for its intense aroma and taste. This compound reduces the bad cholesterol and lowers the high blood pressure. So consume two stalks of celery in a salad every evening to treat the bad cholesterol.

– As we said it lowers the high blood pressure by boosting the circulation of the blood and reducing the stress hormones, all due to it compound called phthalides.

– Celery is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants which help in relieving the inflammation and joint pain. It treats asthma too and deals with acne due to its properties to eliminate follicular clog.

-Celery is rich in vitamin A which is essential for eye health. In one stalk of celery, there is 10 percent of the daily amount of vitamin A. It will prevent the vision due to aging and protect your eyes.

– Celery is a great diuretic because it is very rich in fibers and water and successfully regulates your stool and cleans your digestive system.

– Celery is very low in calories, only 10 in full stalk. Consume it to have a feeling of fullness and you will lose some extra pounds.

– Celery will help you sleep better and reduce the stress efficiently due to its great concentration of magnesium known as great stress reliever.

– Sex pheromones like androstenone and androstenol are released while chewing the celery. They can be find in significant amounts in this plant that will improve your sex life.

– Celery has a power to maintain the balance of Ph level and prevent the acidic state of the body.  It also contains luteolin, a flavonoid which blocks the cancer cells growth in breast, colorectal and pancreas cancer.