Here you will find description of different squats essential for tight butt and slim legs recommended by the trainers. With the good combination of the squats you will be ready for showing your toned body on the beach! Follow this schedule made of simple exercises and witness the change of your lower body.

Before you start this trial have in mind that quitting is for losers, do not skip days and always attend to perform the squats in a right way.


It takes only 15 t0 20 minutes a day in the comfort of your house without wasting time traveling to the gym.

Here are the squats crucial for shaping your body:

– Basic Squats are perfect beginning of the work out. Then you can continue with the squat for the buttocks by performing Sumo squats and Kickback squats.

– You can include cardio exercise with the sumo squats with outstretched arms.

– Shape your waistline performing sumo squads for abdominal muscles.

– Add the Jump squats for strengthening the muscles on your arms.

– Pistol squats are actually hard type of exercise but it is the best to perform narrow squats as a warm up before it. Close your feet together to do narrow squats.

– Another exercise for buttocks, especially thighs and calf is Split squats.

– Curtsy squats include many muscles in the same time.

– You can perform side squats for all lower body muscles.

– At the end of the work out it is the best to perform pop squats in order to relax the muscle tissue.

Here is the workout schedule for a week:

1st Day

– start with Basic Squats and perform 10 times
– continue with kickback squats and repeat it 5 times on each leg.

2nd Day

– Do some sumo squats with outstretched arms- recommended repetitions, 10 times
– Then continue with 10 times- sumo squats.

3rd Day

– Squats for oblique muscles- 5 times on each leg
– Jump squats- 10 times

4th Day

– First warm up with narrow squats, then do
– Pistol squats- 5 times on each leg

5th Day

– Perform Curtsy squats on each leg for 5 times
– Split squats on each leg for 5 times

6th Day

– Perform pop squats for 10 times
– Side step squats for 5 times on each leg

7th Day

– Perform Sumo squats, 10 times
– Finish the week with Squats for abdominal muscles, 10 repetitions, 5 on each leg.