Coughing and sneezing can be serious obstacle to finish your daily activities and what is worse no one likes to be near a sick person. A cough can cause sleepless nights especially when the children have weak immune system and can’t fight against cold.

The most common therapy after the doctor’s visit is a cough syrup. But parents, those pharmaceuticals solutions to the problems can have side effects on our children’s health.

Cough syrup usually contains codeine and dextromethorphan which may result in a migraine, headache and sleeplessness. Natural ingredients can help you remove the mucus from the lungs and stop the symptoms of cold.

Always have in mind that natural products such as honey and ginger can be excellent combination for fast treatment of cold. They can remove the cough in very short time. Here is how to prepare the honey-ginger wrap:

You will need: a ginger, natural honey, flour and olive oil for the cure and napkins, adhesive tape and cotton gauze for the wrapping.

Preparation: Mix the flour and a honey to get a dense mixture. Put some olive oil and add one table spoon freshly grinded ginger. Mix again and put it on a napkin. Apply this on your chest and cover it with gauze. Fix it with an adhesive tape.

If you are adults you should sleep with this over night. If you make the ginger wrap for children, make sure it is well tight and it is recommended to hold it three hours before going to bed. This wrap will make you sweat more because of the ginger.

It doesn’t have any side effects but be careful with small children because their skin is more sensitive.

There are a lot of people nowadays that use ginger and honey as a cure for constant cough. They are the witnesses of its benefits. One mother had written on her face book profile that her baby had amazing results after 4 hours.

She modified the remedy a little bit by using coconut oil instead of olive oil and she tight it on her baby’s chest with a tin foil and after a while the basal congestion disappeared.