Ginger is a well known cooking ingredient as well as precious remedy compound because of its great health benefits. One of its great properties is to calm pregnancy related nausea and seasickness on the same level as prescribed medications for nausea.

It is well known for its anti inflammatory properties too and as first aid in case of fitness buffs and reducing muscle soreness after hard work out.


Ginger reduces the pain in joints and relieves the symptoms of Osteoarthritis. Oh, and did I mention that reduces the pain while menstrual cycle? Yes, with the same effect as ibuprofen.

Ginger aids digestion and makes your stomach flat by emptying faster. So it makes it perfect for people who have indigestion problems.

With its benefits we can place it on the list of super spices that you must consume every day.

You can add it in your meals, salads, brewing tea or natural remedies. And what’s more, you can grow endless supplies of ginger in the comfort of your home.

In order to start growing ginger, first you need to visit the nearest garden center to get some ginger seeds that are not treated with growth inhibitors. While you are there do not forget to take very rich and very well drained potting soil.

Have in mind that ginger roots grow horizontally so you will need a shallow and wide pot.

When you get all of this you will be ready to grow your own ginger. So follow these simple steps:

1. As first leave the ginger roots in a bucket of water over night.

2. Prepare the pot by adding the soil in it and then plant the ginger roots. Be sure that the eye buds are pointed up. Cover them with 2 inches of soil.

3. Water the soil.

4. Place the pot with the ginger in a shaded spot that is warm.

5. Moist the soil regularly and wait for couple of weeks to see the first shoots.